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Xx Let Me Live xX

and do my own thing

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and do my own thing

This community is a showcase of heartofexodus03's and going_x_crazy's creativity.

This is expressed in art -computer graphics, drawings, photography, etc.- and in writing -fanfics, poems, music, etc.-

we are the only two allowed to post as of right now. you are welcome to look and give your criticism, but please be polite.


name Anna Christine .aka. Chrissy
age 13
gender female
birthdate October 14, 1991
status single not looking
AIM HeartofExodus03
email LilChikkie331@yahoo.com
hobbies drawing, listening to all kinds of music, ms paint, playing ps2, watching anime, talking to friends, chillin out
goals in life

top five favorites
chicken, steak, fries, limited fast food, and junk
movies Fight Club, Minority Report, Saw, Freddy ‘n Jason series'
actors//actresses Edward Norton, Tom Cruise
singers//groups Reliant k, My Chemical Romance, Goo Goo Dolls
tv shows Inuyasha, Brak, Smalville
video games the whole Resident Evil series, Jak ‘n’ Daxter series, Fight Club

either or
pepsi//coke, just cuz mountain dew is just so freakin’ good
black//white, because I am the salt
anime//manga, its more realistic, but hey who can beat imagination?
soup//salad, Soups because I don’t eat healthy
stars//hearts, because it’s what I reach for
gold//silver, Shinnier
DC comics//Marvel comics,
barbie//teresa, TER-RE-SA
Mickey Mouse//Donald Duck, He’s just so dang funny
Paper//Plastic, makes better clothes ;)
butterfingers//twix, Just cuz ^.^
Tmac//Bryan White, don’t make me choose! i used to listen to bryan white alot... but i don't have any of his cds so i listen to tmac more

I'm a dork and I know it!/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Embrace the total dork in yourself and enjoy it because well... life is too short to be cool!

name Sarah Marie
age 18
gender female
birthdate March 31, 1987
status taken, Michael 01/01/04
AIM cixelsydMIecinB
email leximarie331@yahoo.com
hobbies going online, making computer graphics, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, shopping ((when i have money))
goals in life
1) finish college and become an interior designer
2)get married ((to Mike)) and start a family

top five favorites
chicken, pepperoni pizza, combos, mashed potatoes, hot dogs
movies Hitch, Care Bears the movie II, Extreme Days, Red Dragon, Jonah: a Veggie Tales movie
actors//actresses i have 6 - Tom Hanks, Hugh Jackman, Jakie Chan, Sandra Bullock, Reba McEntire, Jennifer Love Hewitt
singers//groups Toby Mac, Bryan White, BoA, Relient K, Rachael Lampa
tv shows Inuyasha, Reba, What Not to Wear, Gilmore Girls, While You Were Out
video games Resident Evil: Code Veronica X, Final Fantasy x, Final Fantasy x2, Jak & Daxter, Jak II

either or
-pepsi//coke, cuz they make mountain dew
-black//white, it represents purity
-anime//manga, haven't read any manga yet...
-soup//salad, i don't like too many kinds of soup, salad is just SO good!
-stars//hearts, hearts are fun to draw on EVERYTHING
-gold//silver, i'm allergic to some silver **if they put nickle in it**, but i like white gold
-DC comics//Marvel comics, mostly because of the FLASH but i love superman & supergirl too :)
-barbie//teresa, i look more like her, she doesn't dress in all pink **i do like pink tho**
-MSU//UofM, wanted to go there for vet school when i was in JR high, good basketball team **won march maddness in 2000**
-Mickey Mouse//Donald Duck, he's so cute when he gets mad!
-Paper//Plastic, plastic bags make me mad!!
-butterfingers//twix, less messy to eat, but butterfingers is SO close!!
-Tmac//Bryan White, oy! the toughtest question to answer EVER! i can't choose!!
..TMac + good sound, + great message
..Bryan White + you can feel the emotion he's trying to convey, + i can so relate with most of his songs
..Both + they are christians, + so good looking *heehee*


more banners coming soon